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stupid petrol price rises

1. only 3 passengers
2. all passengers must, MUST wear seat belts
3. refuel 2 times a month
4. may require u to pay half of the fuel price

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Youtube tip

hi guys. have u been on youtube lately? i have. n i found this vid telling how to make the vid looks more nicer. its really simple, all u have to do is add this ;  &fmt=18  at the end of the vid’s url. ive tried it n it works. well, atleast on most vids. it helps make the vid in High def or higher def. anyway. just wanna share what i know. bbye. oh.. heres some proof…after 
before.. not rly much diff huh… but there is diff rite/??

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Lil mama – shawty get losse

lill ama aint got may super hits but those which hit the list rly cath my attention/

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see this retards

pocoyo is cute so e is excused

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have u ever felt this?

have u ever felt like u wanna start a new beginning. but then, there are still a few things dragging u, stopping u from doing so. its like ur on a car with no gas. u cant go nowhere. ur stuck. u cant go anywhere cuz u still have things to end, things to tell, things to confess. i dunno. maybe its just me. but, oliday gotta be the most depressing oliday i ever have. ppl see i sound cheery. my YM status always cheery. but then thats just the surface. God knows how the inside is feeling. hmm… wanna try vry hard to start over.. bbye

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ain’t this kinda catchy?

i meant the music not the vid. anyway, the song was the opening song for the Disney channel’s comedy series; Wizards of Waverly Place (gosh ain’t that clear enough). sung bby one of the cast, Salena Gomez. i hate the show love the song. so what.

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